Port.. how to check what application used?

By | 24 October, 2013

Port … It’s is important to know what port are currently used by your application. For who still don’t know what port it is, you can read at my article here .

In this scenario, we will use default tools in Windows to perform the checking. We will use :

1) Netstat
2) Task Manager

Simple right?

Here are the step :

1) Open Command Prompt
2) Type netstat -aon|findstr :
3) The result is like below

netstat port

From the result, we can see the are process id. Follow below step to check further which application used via Task Manager.

1) Open Task Manager
2) Click Process tab
3) Click View > Select Columns
4) Tick PID (Process Identifier)

And… yes… of course. Related back with process id that you get from command prompt. It’s simple and very useful especially you don’t know which port and application running.

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